Drink of the Week: Banana Nutella Coffee Shake #DOTW

Well the weekend is here but instead of a Saturday night cocktail I will share a Sunday morning coffee recipe with you. Many of you may have cringed hearing this but I can assure you Banana Nutella Coffee Shake is divine! Do not diss it until a taste test has been done. I can pretty sure my co-blogger and sister Anisha herself is making a face reading my post – she doesn’t like coffee made complicated.

image 1

image 2

Well, lets get on with the recipe and then tell me how it sounds and tastes!


A glass of cold milk
2 spoonful instant coffee (I use Bru)
1 table spoon Nutella
Half spoon sugar
3 cubes of ice
1 banana chopped

Put all ingredients in the mixer. Check for consistency and smooth out the banana chunks.

All the above pictures are of the Banana Nutella Coffee Shake in American Diner, Delhi .

All the above pictures are of the Banana Nutella Coffee Shake in American Diner, Delhi .

Drink ice cold. I love this Banana Nutella Coffee Shake and I hope you do too! I dream of adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream to it but I have to compromise somewhere. I tell myself it is healthy since it has banana and milk  but then I taste the Nutella and I really don’t care anymore!

Let me know how you liked it and if you would welcome more coffee drinks.

Banana Nutella Coffee Shake made at home.

Banana Nutella Coffee Shake made at home.

Have a great weekend everyone.

- Bidisha

Simple ways to add some pizzazz to your eye makeup

Hey everyone,

My name is Krupa and I blog at Ishtyle Awhile. I’d really like to thank Anisha, Bidisha and Satarupa for giving me the opportunity to guest blog at Frappes and Fashion. It is nothing like what they blog about so I hope you like the idea of something new.

Being a dancer, I know how important it is for my eyes to be highlighted. There is a lot of expressions that we show through our eyes, especially in Bharatnatyam. Even on an every day basis, kajal is like a staple in my makeup kit. Then we have those days when we want to look extra special. It could be for a festival or even a party.


Here are three ways in which you can do something beyond just kajal.


Look 1: Simple winged liner with a dash of gold

I know winged liner isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so if you don’t want to do a winged liner, just do a simple line. It works equally well. To bring out the gold liner that I have lined beneath my lower lash line, I used a black liquid liner on the lid. This gives that pop of colour that draws attention to your eyes but doesn’t need you to suffer with eyeshadows and brushes and whatnot.

Add mascara.




Look 2: Duochrome eye liner

For those of you who found the first look too simple, here is an alternative.

Line your upper lid with black liner and wing it out.

Take another liner that is preferably metallic and line just from the inner corner to half way across the lid. It should cover the black and then thin it out so from the middle of your eye, the black should start to peep through. You should have half colour and half black. Add mascara.

I didn’t remove the gold liner that I had used underneath the lower lashes. Instead I just lined my eyes with kajal.

The gold liner goes with the metallic khaki liner that I have used, but can totally opt to use just kajal, or not kajal.





Look 3: The dramatic liner

Now for those of you who aren’t scared by drama (some of us just thrive in the limelight. Hi fi girl!), this is totally for you.

I used the liquid black liner to make a thicker wing and also added an extension downwards to make the whole thing look like a fishes’ tail. The gold liner just peeks through between the tail.

I darkened the kajal on the waterline. Add mascara

There is no way that you won’t have all eyes on you with this look.

I was too lazy to remove the duochrome look and just extended it into this. You can opt for a complete black liner.




So which one is your favourite? Do let us know and oh, share pictures on Instagram or Twitter if you try this out. I would love to see how it turns out. Use #IshtyleAwhileFestiveEyes.

Can’t wait to see it.

Happy Diwali to all you lovely people!

 - Krupa.

Guest Blog ALERT!

I love makeup and spend some considerable time on Pinterest for looks to recreate. And then I swipe on my same old bright lipstick (Boots No. 7 Sienna, MAC Ruby Woo and now Revlon Colourburst Showy) to make up for the outfit which is lacking in colour (always!). And when its a really special occasion I use the MAC gold eye shadow I have – and that’s the extent of my makeup skills.

So when we had the chance to have Krupa, biochemist and blogger at Istyle Awhile give us some tips on makeup after her extensive experimentation with makeup as a dancer and beyond, we jumped at that chance! And the best part is that she agreed to show us some great makeup looks for the eyes – and right in time for Diwali.


Our guest blogger, Krupa

And some of her looks even involve gold eye shadow. :-)

So watch out for her post tomorrow so you can get ready for a colourful Diwali!

- Anisha

Sunday Soul Sante : Bangalore

Last Sunday I went to the Sunday Soul Sante, held here in Bangalore. For those of you who don’t know what that is, its basically a flea market filled with fun, kitschy things, and there’s food as well as live music. This was my first time going to Soul Santé, so I didn’t really know what to expect. Needless to say I was blown away by the riot of colors, the people and just the whole ambience of the place!


The most creative colorful wind chimes you have ever seen!


All sorts of beaded handmade bags, belts, headbands and dream catchers.


Glow in the dark splatter paintings.

Photo by Nirup Divakaran. _MG_6178 Photo by Nirup Divakaran. _MG_6180 Photo by Nirup Divakaran.


Hand crafted dreamcatchers

Photo by Nirup Divakaran.

I started out with an idea of spending a couple of hours browsing though the stalls, but there was honestly so much to see that I was there basically the whole day. Whenever walking in the bright sun got too much, we took breaks and sat down to listen to the live bands playing, and enjoyed a glass of cold beer! Heaven :)


Custom made terrariums


Colorful digitally printed cushions, canvases, posters.


Printed T-shirts, posters, banners.


Handmade jewelry


Custom made figurines and toys


Very pretty and colorful magnets, compacts and mirrors


Custom made tiny replicas! They looked so life like!


Hand made pottery


Beautiful fresh flowers and plants


Crop tops


Colorful pots for plants and other knick knacks


Ashtrays, wall clocks and trays made from actual flattened bottles!


A live band performing

Even just people watching was fun. There were girls in flower headbands, flowy dresses and the whole atmosphere had a very “music festival” vibe to it. I couldn’t get enough of all the amazing colorful outfits everyone was wearing. Here’s a great article capturing some of the style of the people there. Thanks Sahana for finding it :) What surprised me the most was the sheer size of the event. This map here (which was conveniently placed right at the entrance) will give you an idea of how big the event actually was. There were more than 200 stalls!


A very detailed map of the area. Over 200 stalls!

There were local artists displaying their paintings, handmade jewelry, flowers, home décor items, candles and even vintage furniture! There were live bands performing throughout the day, fashion shows, and I believe a dance troupe took the stage at one point during the day, though I missed that.


Handmade candles


Vintage frames and furniture


This was a just a display piece. Though the stall owner got quite a few offers to buy the headpiece!

One whole section was dedicated to food, and it was not disappointing. There was Goan food, barbecues, burgers, momos and even a salad bar! I had the pulled pork sub from The Roadkill stall, and a lemon iced tea for lunch and it was great! In addition, there was chilled beer being served at impromptu bars set up throughout the place. What more could you ask for?


Assorted desserts. I loved the red velvet cupcakes!


Grilled chicken!


Lanterns being released at night.

The whole point of the Santé is to give an opportunity to local artisans to display and sell their creations. Some of the things on display were so creative and pretty, that I wanted to buy it all! I initially just wanted a dream catcher for my bedroom, but I ended up with a whole lot more. I’ll be doing a post with what I bought soon. Till then, heres a peek at one of the items I got – this amazing head piece! I immediately decided to wear it of course :) IMG_0772 In all, I was very impressed with how the event was organized. There was enough space for everyone to walk around and see all the beautiful things displayed. The stage/entertainment area was bang in the center so was easy to find when you wanted to sit down. At no point did it feel like it was overcrowded, and everyone was so well dressed and colorful that it was a joy just to people watch!

The only downside I would say was that some of the stuff was definitely priced higher than they usually are in their online or their regular stores. But I guess that is the norm for these kinds of events? I’m not sure. Though there were also some people who had come from different cities just to sell their stuff, and these flea markets are the only places they sell their wares at! It was a really fun experience I have to say. A must see if you are ever in Bangalore when one of these is taking place. I loved it and I cant wait to go back to the next one! I hope you enjoyed all the pretty pictures :)



You may remember my recent Shopping Bag post where I gave in to the crop top trend and bought one? My first crop top try was the basic outfit of a crop top with a pencil skirt. Since I went in for a basic black crop top, I decided to jazz up on the skirt part (yes, a floral skirt is my version of jazzy!).

Boohoo Black Crop top, Splash Floral Pencil skirt and Gap wedge heels.

Boohoo Black Crop top, Splash Floral Pencil skirt and Gap wedge heels.

Boots no. 7 Sienna lipstick

Boots no. 7 Sienna lipstick

Vero Moda Faux Leather Jacket and ASOS Blue Leather Bag

Vero Moda Faux Leather Jacket and ASOS Blue Leather Bag

Also, a pencil skirt seemed like the safest way to go. I remember a friend recently commenting on how non-teenage people should not wear crop tops and in most cases I would agree. However, I had to try! Any suggestions on where I should go with the crop top trend from here?

Photos taken and edited by Bidisha

- Anisha


I would have to be sitting on the sand by the beach and drinking this. But then again, like my friend Jewel, some people can be sitting in the pub of a bustling city like Mumbai and drinking it too. I find, a pinacolada is a drink that you either like or you just don’t. There is no middle way. I tasted my first one at least fourteen years ago, my reaction to it was, pineapple juice with coconut? YUCK.

My new found love for pinacoladas came approximately a month back in Goa and now, post drinking three-four in a row, I can vouch that its definitely not just juice. P.S – steer clear if you are on a diet. This drink is not the way to go.

Pinacolada at Alcove in Goa.

Pinacolada at Alcove in Goa.


  1. 30 ml white rum
  2. 30 ml Malibu rum
  3. 5 pieces of cut pineapple
  4. 2 small cups of ice
  5. 30 ml coconut cream
  6. 180 ml of pineapple juice.
  7. Additional ingredient – vanilla icecream.

TOOLS – Do buy a jigger for measuring your ingredients. You will also need a shaker.

Goa sunset and a Pinacolada.

Goa sunset and a Pinacolada.


  • In a shaker, pour in the rum, the Malibu, pineapple juice, coconut cream and ice.
  • Give it a good shake for 2 minutes.
  • Pour the drink into your glass,
  • Top it with the pineapple chunks
  • A small dallop of vanilla icecream on top is a must!

Make sure you have one of those toothpick umbrellas – just feels better. The buzz will kick in soon so please try and remember with every sip that there is alcohol even if it doesn’t taste like it.

Pineapple for garnish.

Pineapple for garnish.

- Bidisha.

Fashion in ‘Manhattan': Diane Keaton

I recently saw Woody Allen’s ‘Manhattan’ on a screen laid out on the roof-top of a bar in Shoreditch. The movie as well as the setting was a great experience and I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

Expectedly the movie stars Diane Keaton and this post is about the fashion that is inspired by her looks and outfits from the movie. I cannot pull off the shirt and tie looks from her later Woody Allen movies but there are two particular looks from this movie that I loved. One was the buttoned up shirt and long coat and the other is the turtle-neck with the button down cardigan.

Black turtleneck and button down cardigan

Black turtleneck and button down cardigan

Buttoned up shirt and jacket

Buttoned up shirt and jacket

I loved the outfits. And the great thing about a look like this is that forty years on, it still looks like it could be worn by fashion bloggers everywhere. And it has definitely been worn by this fashion blogger!

I tried out the first look for myself but had to add my own two-bit – hope you don’t think I have ruined the Diana Keaton look! I thought her look was too plain for my day out and had to add a bib necklace.

Tailored black duster coat, Gap denim shirt and bib necklace from e-bay

Tailored black duster coat, Gap denim shirt and bib necklace from e-bay

Boots no. 7 lipstick in Sienna

Boots no. 7 lipstick in Sienna

Black Chemistry leggings and black lace satchel bag from Bandra (and an intensely suspicious expression for no reason)

Black Chemistry leggings and black lace satchel bag from Bandra (and an intensely suspicious expression for no reason)

Rust shoes from Carlton

Rust shoes from Carlton

The first look with the turtleneck and cardigan is a little too winter friendly to resort to right now so I will keep that for the later cold days. I will be sure to keep you updated.

I also wanted to end this post with this great picture from that night at the movies – on the left are the steel and glass office buildings of London and on the right, Woody Allen from Manhattan. Lovely.


- Anisha

Photos by Nikhil and edited by Bidisha