Confessions of a lipstick hoarder: The only 5 lipsticks you need

Okay I’ll admit it. I have a problem. I cant stop buying lipsticks. I don’t know what it is, I’ll be strolling calmly through the mall minding my own business, and then I’ll spot the MAC counter. And that’s that. 30 minutes later I’ll walk out with a new shade that I’ll convince myself is absolutely essential for “my collection”. When did it even become a collection?! Don’t even ask.

But for better or worse, a collection it is. And its still growing. Lipsticks in my mind are the little black dresses of makeup. You need to find that perfect one, yet at the same time you just cant have enough.

First it’s about finding that perfect nude for your skin tone. Then of course we have to have that everyday pink! Then comes that perfect shade of red that you absolutely need in your life, and while you are at it why not pick up some statement colors as well. Orange, plum, dark red, even that purple. And then, ooh look Revlon has some new matte chubby sticks! Have to have those. What can I say except, I have a problem.

So here are some of my favorites for the moment. I’ve tried to include drugstore options as well. I’m sorry if the swatches aren’t the best, I’ve tried to link the websites of most so you can take a better look at the colors.

  • Nudes

These are my everyday go to shades. Perfect to wear to work as well, especially if like me your office encourges business formals. Finding one which suits your complexion is essential, as some nudes can leave you looking completely washed out. Unless of course thats the look you are going for. My favorite of the lot would be Velvet Teddy by MAC. Its a matte shade, and looks great on Indian or darker skin tones.  For more fair skin tones, MAC – Fleshpot is also a great color. Maybelline recently came out with a whole collection of just nudes, so you are sure to find one perfect for you if you want to check that out.

  1. Mac Matte – Kinda Sexy
  2. Mac Lustre – Touch
  3. Mac Matte – Velvet Teddy



L-R Mac Matte – Kinda Sexy Mac Lustre – Touch Mac Matte – Velvet Teddy

  1. Maybelline – Lip Polish GLAM 14
  2. Maybelline – Watershine Pure B22
  3. Colorbar – 07 Kiss Me
  4. Colorbar – 04 En Vouge
  5. Blooming – 14 Lola



L-R Maybelline – Lip Polish GLAM 14 Maybelline – Watershine Pure B22 Colorbar – 07 Kiss Me Colorbar – 04 En Vouge Blooming – 14 Lola

  •  Pinks

Pink lipsticks just make me happy. There are so many shades of pink that you could go for. A bright pink lip can brighten up any outfit, while a coral lip is all the rage right now. Baby pinks are great for everyday casual outfits, but my absolute favorites are the darker nudey pinks, like Mehr By MAC. Its again a matte shade, and MAC definitely makes the best matte lipsticks out there.

  1. Maybelline – 135 Make me Pink
  2. Mac Amplified – Chatter-Box
  3. Mac Matte – Please Me
  4. Mac Matte – Mehr
  5. L’oreal  Color Riche – 370 Crazy Fuchsia
  6. Colorbar – 19 Vintage
  7. Mac Cremesheen Glass –  Double Dare



L-R Maybelline – 135 Make me Pink Mac Amplified – Chatter-Box Mac Matte – Please Me Mac Matte – Mehr L’oreal Color Riche – 370 Crazy Fuchsia Colorbar – 19 Vintage Mac Cremesheen Glass – Double Dare

  •  Reds

Every girl needs a red lipstick. And for most that lipstick is probably MAC Ruby Woo. Its the perfect red. Seriously, if you were going to buy just one lipstick I would recommend that this be it. I’ve never seen anyone not look good in that shade. Anisha is wearing it here. It looks great on everyone. For a more corally red, I love Peach Crush from Colorbar. Its a great color if you don’t like the whole fire-engine red lip. MAC Morange is also a very popular orange red.

  1. Mac Satin – Red
  2. Mac Matte – Ruby Woo
  3. Mac Matte – Relentlessly Red
  4. Colorbar – 59P Peach Crush
  5. Colorbar – 01R Hot Hot Hot
  6. Essence Stay Matte – 04 Silky Red



L-R Mac Satin – Red Mac Matte – Ruby Woo Mac Matte – Relentlessly Red Colorbar – 59P Peach Crush Colorbar – 01R Hot Hot Hot Essence Stay Matte – 04 Silky Red

  •  Fall Shades

Fall is coming! Perfect time to bring out the darker shades.  I don’t wear these shades often, but they are great when you want to branch out from the nude-pink-peachy looks. My favorite would be Diva from MAC. Its a really dark burgundy shade, perfect for fall. I’ve included Flat Out Fabulous by MAC in the fall lineup as its the perfect bright pop when you need it this season, and its another color that looks great on almost everyone.

  1. Mac Matte – Diva
  2. Lakme 9 to 5 – Coffee Command
  3. Colorbar – 51BR Very Coffee
  4. Mac Retro Matte – Flat Out Fabulous
  5. Maybelline – Lip Polish GLAM 6



L-R Mac Matte – Diva Lakme 9 to 5 – Coffee Command Colorbar – 51BR Very Coffee Mac Matte – Flat Out Fabulous Maybelline – Lip Polish GLAM 6

  • Chubby Sticks

These are just so darn cute! Like chubby little crayons. I just can’t help it. They are also more affordable, and they come in tons of different colors. So if you wanted to try a bright color that you weren’t entirely sure you would wear very often, (for me it was Orange) and didn’t want to invest in a more expensive brand, these are perfect. They also smell like peppermints! Cant go wrong with that. The matte ones are my favorite. Shocker right? :P

  1. Revlon – 001 Honey Douce
  2. Revlon – 040 Rendezvous Rendez-vous
  3. Revlon Matte – 245 Audacious Audacieuse
  4. Revlon Matte – 215 Shameless Desinvolte



L-R Revlon – 001 Honey Douce Revlon – 040 Rendezvous Rendez-vous Revlon Matte – 245 Audacious Audacieuse Revlon Matte – 215 Shameless Desinvolte

So one lipstick addict to another, which one is your favorite?  Do you have a lipstick addiction as well? Leave us links below if you have done a lipstick collection as well. And finally do have any suggestions for new shades I should try? Im dying to know!

- Sat 


Day 28: Give some personality to your typical white button-down shirt.

So here I am, doing what I do best. Drinking coffee and chilling. It was a warm pleasant day in London and we decided to be touristy and head to the London Eye. It was gorgeous. One of the few days I managed to wear a skirt without goosebumps and shivers going down my spine. Not sure how well I managed my challenge but I think it looks pretty all right. Does it?

Me and my coffee.

Forever 21 skirt and slippers.

Forever 21 skirt and slippers.

Coffee from the roadside cafe

Coffee from the roadside cafe

Rayban sunglasses, Vero moda white shirt

Rayban sunglasses, white shirt from Vero Moda

Mango sling bag

Mango sling bag

- Bidisha

Food and all the joy it brings.

So let me get to the point. I love food. Apparently more than fashion because I will never be a size 6. I may be a picky eater but what I like I eat. My trips around the world, a major part of it is food tourism. According to mum, people who enjoy food eat slowly but I whole heartedly disagree. I enjoy food and eat as if someone is going to snatch it away from me. Being half Bengali (of a state in eastern India) I love anything sweet. I have dragged my parents, sister and my brother-in-law all over town for “sweet dish” as I call it. My meal is incomplete without that cake, ice cream, chocolate – basically sugar in any form.

I have put together a few pictures that I hastily took before we started eating. It was hasty because once you see the food, it is definitely difficult to wait.

Fried Prawn Chettinade Quilon

Fried Prawn Chettinad at Quilon

Joe's Kitchen Omlete

Omelette at Joe’s Kitchen

Bacon butty Breakfast club

Bacon butty at The Breakfast Club

Joe's Kitchen Warm croissant

Warm Butter Croissant at Joe’s Kitchen

Pizza Sartori

Pizza at Sartori

Red Velvette Cupcake Hummingbird Bakery

Red Velvet Cupcake at The Hummingbird Bakery

photo 1 copy photo 2 copy


Spicy Chicken Pho at Pho

Mango Sorbet Quilon

Mango Sorbet at Quilon

Joe's kitchen Fried eggs with bacon and toast.

Fried Eggs with Bacon and Toast at Joe’s kitchen

Pancake with vanilla cream and berries The Breakfast club

Pancake with Vanilla Cream and Berries at The Breakfast Club

Shakshuka at Gail's Kitchen

Shakshuka at Gail’s Kitchen

- Bidisha.

Summer Wardrobe Challenge.

Day 14: Pair a colourful handbag with a neutral outfit.

Neutral outfits are great, like a good base for you to get creative with your accessories if you’re into that. Neutrals are also what I wear most of the time.

For this one I brought out my bright pink bag which normally doesn’t get much wear.  Pink is not a color I wear very often, but why not go all in right? So I added a bright pink lip and also blush pink shoes. Pink explosion! :D

Mixing different shades of pink actually helped it look not quite so…pink!  Its still very summery and warm here in Bangalore, so its the prefect time wear bright pink if like me, you’ve been on the fence about it.

Top and skinny jeans from Forever 21, sling bag from Spice Girls, shoes from Mary Jane, sunglasses from FabAlley, Lips – Vintage by Colorbar 




What do you think, too much pink? How would you style different shades of the same colour? I would love to know!

- Sat

Interview and column

If you check out our page on Facebook, you will already know of this. One of our bloggers here at Fashion and Frappes, Bidisha (sister and co-blogger to me) was recently interviewed by Royalty India magazine. To give you a little bit of background, Bidisha is a fashion designing student from NIFT Mumbai. She graduated in 2008, worked for a number of fashion houses as a designer for some years. She started styling almost as a hobby. She’s worked for both MTv and Channel V. Ultimately, she decided to go out into the world as a freelance stylist and and has styled for a number TV shows, advertisements and movies.

As a sister and onlooker, it has always been most entertaining for me to watch her scrambling around for certain clothes, whether its a belly dancer costume or a white wedding dress in the middle of the non-wedding season. However, at the same time I see all the hard work that goes into this and I am amazed she has the energy to get up at 5 am for a shoot after getting home at 3 am in the morning.

In her interview with Royalty India she talks about how she chose to be a part of the entertainment industry and what drives her.

In her next column with Royalty India she talks about fashion and whats ‘mod’ and whats ‘odd’ – see her list here.


Do you, dear readers, agree with Bidisha’s list? Sadly, the odds are not in favour of the menfolk. However, I have to add my bit here: sometimes in fashion, fortunately and unfortunately, the odd and mod appear to coincide but I believe thats when its most fun!

- Anisha

Summer Wardrobe Challenge

Day 12: Break out your breeziest summer dress.

When someone says ‘breezy summer dress’ what usually comes to my mind is something long and beachy, maybe a little frilly, in a material like chiffon and the colour is definitely white. I don’t own a dress with all these specifications and frankly, would not have a chance to wear something like this in London very often.

I own one dress which fits the term ‘summer dress’. Unfortunately, I chose a bad day to wear a summer dress and my outfit became more about the layering than about summer!

Printed dress from Chemistry, wrap from Promod, faux leather jacket from Next, leather slippers from Fab India.

Printed dress from Chemistry, teal wrap from Promod, faux leather grey quilted jacket from Next, blue leather bag from ASOS and leather slippers from Fab India.

You remember, this is the same hat I mention here.

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

Blue skinny belt from ASOS

Blue skinny belt from ASOS

What is your idea of a summer dress? And how would you style a summer dress for non-summary weather? Also, look at our other summer wardrobe challenge posts.

- Anisha

Coffee in London (and elsewhere)…

Ahhhh coffee. Can’t stop looking at the pictures. I have always preferred cold coffee (like a coffee shake with ice), but now I am not so sure. Those few days in London where there was no trace of summer or the sun, hot coffee was my saviour. Every cafe I passed by I would pause to take in that smell. Here are a few pictures I just had to share with you. And yes, they taste as good as they look.

Vietnamese coffee at Caphe House

Vietnamese coffee at Caphe House


photo 1


Cappuccino at Hej

Cappuccino at Hej


South Indian filter coffee at Quilon

South Indian filter coffee at Quilon


Coold coffee shake at Joe's Kitchen

Cold coffee shake at Joe’s Kitchen


Cappuccino at The Breakfast Club

Cappuccino at The Breakfast Club

Cappuccino at Monmouth Coffee

Cappuccino at Monmouth Coffee


Cappuccino at Cafe Vergnano 1882

Cappuccino at Cafe Vergnano 1882


Coffee at Aoi Bandra

Coffee at Aoi Bandra


Wine and cold coffee at home

Wine and cold coffee at home

- Bidisha