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white jacket and faux leather leggings

Happy new year everyone! As you might have noticed we’ve changed the look of our site. We’re really excited about it and have been working on it for sometime. How do you like it so far? It still has a few kinks so we would really appreciate it if you let us know if you see something you don’t like, or if you do ūüôā

Ok moving on now. I attended the recent Limeroad event held here in Bangalore. It was my first sort of ‘official’ blogger event, and I honestly did not know what to expect. But it was actually a very fun experience. It was especially amazing to meet all the other fashion bloggers there, which was the highlight of the evening for me. I had no idea the blogging community  here in Bangalore was so big. Everyone was really friendly and sweet, introducing me ‘the newbie’ to everyone else there.


3 New Year Party Outfit Ideas Which Are Not Black Dresses

I am not a New Year party fan. Its always too much pressure, too much expectation and uncomfortable, boring clothes. I think I wore a black dress for pretty much every New Year party I attended in my teenage years. I really wish I could go back in time and change that – I think that would make me feel a whole lot better about New Year eve parties! A black party dress on New Year’s eve is as cliche as it gets. Even the thought of it depresses me right now. So I beg you to consider this post and chuck the black dress at the back of your closet for the time being.

  1. Midi Skirts Can Be Party Skirts Too

Silver skirt and crop top


Five Things 

Its been a while since our last five things post. We have been busy with our gift guide posts. But now that I am on holiday and its Christmas and there are lights everywhere Рeverything looks happy and seems to catch my fancy.

I was born and raised in Kolkata and it is my favourite place to be during the winter holidays. My work takes me all around India and the world, here I have put togeather pictures from few of the last cities I visited.


2015-12-22 17.45.27

#nofilter Christmas decor in Southcity mall Kolkata.


Holiday Gift Guide – Technology and Gadgets

Holiday Gift Guide - Technology and Gadgets

It got really difficult to get technology related gift for the budget we set for the holiday gift guide series. But I powered on! I know there are people who love gadgets and love technology Рfor them its a  fun puzzle to solve. These are people who would be happy with any technology related gifts. I have tried to have fun geeky stuff as well as real useful appliances. But there definitely are items included here which do not follow my gifting philosophy.


Holiday gift guide – Stationery


We are back with our Holiday Gift Guide and time its all about stationery. And I’m not talking about your ordinary run of the mill pens and pencils. Think unique and different journals, and back to school supplies that look like a million bucks but really aren’t, and very on trend metallic office accesories. Personalized stationery can make amazing gifts if done right. And honestly making this guide has made realize how adorable some of this stuff is! Dont miss out on our super fun beauty, fashion and food Holiday Gift Guides as well.


Holiday Gift Guide: Food

I am still a little suspicious about why the food section was handed to me. Nevertheless, I do genuinely feel food and wine is the best gift to give. In India wine is not that big as gifts, but sweets as well as savoury items definitely are. During diwali, Christmas, as well as New Years gifting food items is a ritual here.


Holiday Gift Guide: Fashion

Fashion Gift Guide

Like we promised, we are back with our fashion gift guide. And don’t miss yesterday’s beauty gift guide.

I wanted some variety and wanted to ensure there was something for everyone. But above everything else, my main gift giving philosophy is to give something which the person would like but never buy themselves. Something unnecessary but wanted, whimsical but useful. Seasonal items (like bling jewellery and sequin dresses) are great choices because its so easy to wear at this time of the year and not something most people would like to spend on and buy for themselves.


Holiday Gift Guide: Beauty 

Beauty gift guide by Fashion and Frappes

Holiday Beauty gift guide by Fashion and Frappes 
Our first Holiday Gift Guide!!¬†And this ones all about beauty! Things like foundation and lip colors¬†are difficult to pick for others¬†as you might get the shade wrong, so I’ve mostly stuck to neutral and universal shades, and products that suit¬†all skin tones.


Holiday Gift Guide: Budget Gifts under ¬£50/ INR 5000

I am going home to India for the holidays and have been doing quite a bit of shopping lately. And this shopping involves quite a bit of research as well. This has led to the holiday gift guide!


Budget gifts for the beauty lover, fashion lover, food lover, tech lover and so on (and stationery!) coming up on the blog from tomorrow – check back everyday for a week. We start off with our beauty list. We actually thought this would go up today but lets just say we are having some creative differences. (Satarupa wants to put up a hundred makeup palettes, I want to include some strange items I saw on Amazon. We will fight it out and get back tomorrow).

In the meantime, see what I ended up snagging last year and our budget perfume picks.

Happy shopping! (The main picture is of Prada backpacks in Selfridges – for inspiration purposes only!)